Undoubtedly DJ CLARK KENT origins from Berlin-based KitKatClub <www.kitkatclub.de>. This club deeply fascinated me ever since my first visit on June 22, 1996 in its legendary location on Glogauer Strasse - and since March 1997 home base of my INSOMNIA parties. Fascinated by its extraordinary atmosphere - a uniquely harmonious acoustic, optical and spiritual composition -  I spent countless ecstatic nights on the dance floor, recorded several hundred DJ sets and began to zealously collecting particularly superb vinyl records. Increasingly inspired by the distinctive magic of the club and its resident djs, I eventually presented my first club set in the fall of 1999. Since then I presented my interpretations of sensual electronic club music in numerous clubs in Berlin, Germany and beyond. CLARK KENT would not exist without Dominique’s inspiration to pursue my passions, Thaur’s encouragement and ingenious naming, Kirsten’s great confidence and patience as well as an occasional gesture of appreciation from the audience. I simply enjoy music as well as the fascinating magic of vinyl tracks .... and their virtual unlimited potential to create ever new spiritual arrangements. .
...ing means to me to present the music which I can make plausible. My record case is filled with small to large emotionally charged vinyl treasures, which unfold their magic via mechanic scan with a diamond-top pin. My personal ultimate thrill during a set is to become completely absorbed by the music while in perfect transmission with my audience …. to put on a track and to experience the sensation of pure sensuality across the dance floor

.... a BEAT, which truly unites the audience

.... and FLOW, a condition of complete harmony.
Electronic dance floor music with sensual „Jiggy Beat Groove“  –  Key Elements: uplifting Tribal-, Tech- + MinimalHouse, Progressive Trance + Retro Club Conversion.

I prefer vinyls with a clear, animating bass line, interesting themes and, above all, positively charged energetic potential – tracks defined as “emotionally charged sound objects” able to channel the audience towards sensual levels …. in short: entertaining and entrancing!